Saturday, July 25, 2009

Walk into another facet of Dubai

Yesterday I wondered around the old part of the town. It was at a time when the town was deserted as the scorching heat of the afternoon was not the time when the usual hustle bustle happens. The closed doors of otherwise interesting shops, narrow alleys had a different charm from the usual.

Amazing play of light and colours;

Couldn't help seeing this from a black and white point of view;

Colours and life yet again;

In a couple of hours this would be a busy spot;

Well, I wasn't entirely alone;


Aravis said...

These are excellent, Rivi! The first one is my favorite I think. As you say, the light and colors. It's in the composition as well. Just wonderful! I like your choice of B&W on the 2nd as well. Being so much in the hot sun, would it have been more washed out otherwise?

I had never thought about it, but avoiding the hot afternoon sun makes sense. When would most business and commerce take place there?

Rivi said...

Thank you for your comments Aravis. Although the sun was harsh and the heat at unbearable levels, narrow shopping lanes were well shaded.

This place springs to life at about 6pm and continues to the late hours of the night. You will find exotic spices, traditional jewelery, perfumes, herbs, imitation watches, clothes of all kinds and a clientele from many parts of the world and diffent walks of life.

Aravis said...

It sounds amazing! I may never make it there in person, but I enjoy experiencing it through your photographs.