Monday, July 13, 2009

Something to smile about...

On a walk along the Dubai Festival City mall, I came across this beautiful exhibition of dolls. I am way past the age and the wrong gender to get excited by dolls but these were beautiful creations of art with lifelike expressions and moods captured with tremendous skill and artistry beyond expectations. The demonstrations by some of the creators of these crafts added to the wonder of it all.

These need to be seen at their full view by clicking on the picture. The lighting was not ideal and I had to struggle to get the mood without camera shake. Though some of them still prevailed in the final product, I hope you will enjoy the expressions of these beautiful statues.

I also had to exercise extreme caution when I saw the price tags of these, not to get too close to them!

The serenity of sleep.

Not for all though...

Teen years, questioning eyes...

The uncertainity of a bride...

What beckons this feeling?

The joy of growing up.

The love of a mother.

The mischief of a little girl.

And the antics of these joyous creatures.

The expression of this beauty is breath taking!

Ahhh! the anguish of the caged one.

These pieces seem to be of chess characters. A black pawn perhaps?

More chess to follow.
The mask hanging on his neck added mystery to it all.

The admiration of something precious in hand.

One of the creators.
Ofcourse the Japanese versions.

Reminded me of Don Quixote....

Last but not the least, great expressions yet again.

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