Friday, June 29, 2007



Human contribution....


Strength is in the unity and harmony


How can you resist the mystery of a flame?
This photograph breaks the usual "rule of the third" as the subject is in the dead center. I tried to crop it but to me, the light is incomplete without the dark surrounding. So its back to the original shape.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Play of shapes

A couple more captures of a crystal vase against back light. Apologies for posting homogeneous captures but the colours and shapes seem to change with every angle and I just couldn't help pointing the camera.


This was taken sometime ago during an early morning stride on a weekend along an old boat yard. The traditional 'dhows' are still being used for seafaring in this part of the world. The colour of the bicycle blended with the rusting hues of the old boat...


Caught in a day close to my work place after a long and tiring day...
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It is the season for dates again and the trees along the walkways are full of fruits of varying colour. The trees in the pictures are from a house nearby. The custom is to cover a few bunches with a net which is intended for the consumption by the family. The rest is free for anyone to help themselves to. You can see a street walker plucking a few bright orange fruits. Along the wall there is a water filter fitted by another house. Both are boons for walkers by in the extreme heat during these months.

It's heart warming to see that the pleasure of sharing still survives despite the comforts that has entered these lives.....
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Nature and her ability to blend with man's creations never ceases to amaze me. I found this decaying leaf of a palm tree against a wall during an early morning walk. It is on a slow path to complete decay with the tips already turning into fray...
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