Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today morning I was woken up by visitors to the enclave adjoining my house. My dog got excited and I could see them through the frosted window of the bathroom. There were two of them engaged in a courting exercise. Careful not to disturb them, I grabbed my camera and slowly opened the window and took these pictures through a metal mesh. In the last picture, I was given an annoyed look by one of the visitors hence I decided to withdraw.


sara said...


How many times did I have visitors & tried & tried caprturing their beauty, but never came close to yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You go Mr. Rivi!

Geat work :D

I love the second one excessively!

(: way to go :)

Rivi said...

Thanks Sara. One tip is to always have your camera ready to fire. These visitors are rude and always arrive unannounced. :)

sara said...

so true :D