Saturday, June 23, 2007


It is the season for dates again and the trees along the walkways are full of fruits of varying colour. The trees in the pictures are from a house nearby. The custom is to cover a few bunches with a net which is intended for the consumption by the family. The rest is free for anyone to help themselves to. You can see a street walker plucking a few bright orange fruits. Along the wall there is a water filter fitted by another house. Both are boons for walkers by in the extreme heat during these months.

It's heart warming to see that the pleasure of sharing still survives despite the comforts that has entered these lives.....
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Aravis said...

That's such a friendly custom!

I feel I should mention that in the U.S., a "street walker" is a prostitute. I'm sure that isn't what you meant at all, but it made me smile when I read it. :0)

Rivi said...

Ha ha, no I didn't mean that at all. I am a frequent consumer of the dates myself :-).